Fatty Acids: A Funny Name for What Makes Our Soap Awesome

Fatty acids are the triglycerides used in soap making. The triglycerides we use in our soaps are never sourced from animal fats, rather from different types of plant oils or butters. 

These oils and butters are what gives our soaps their unique characteristics. For example, when we use avocado oil, we get a bar of soap that is super nourishing to the skin. Meadowfoam oil has conditioning and moisturizing properties and coconut oil promotes a creamy lather. Cocoa butter contributes to bar hardness, making it a longer lasting soap while coffee butter isn’t quite as hard, but very moisturizing. 

I could go on and on about fatty acids because I’m the chemist of the company & I find it all fascinating, but you’ll be bored to death if I keep rambling. 

What I really want you to take from this article is that while the words “triglycerides” and “fatty acids” sound sort of weird, they’re the reason our soaps are so awesome. 


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