Remember That Scene from “Fight Club”? 

Who can forget Tyler Durden’s method of making soap: stealing the waste (human fat) from a liposuction clinic and using it as the fatty acid ingredient in his soaps. 

Then of course there’s the awful scene when Brad Pitt pours sodium hydroxide on Edward Norton’s hand causing excruciating pain & a horrible scar. That’s not exactly how we make our soap here at Lodge Creek, but our process does use the same science.   

The basic formula for soap is triglycerides (a.k.a. fatty acids) + sodium hydroxide (a.k.a. lye) = soap and glycerin. 

In layman’s terms, oils react with lye to create soap. This soap works by putting down a layer of lather which attaches to dirt. Both the lather & the dirt are rinsed clean by water, but that can strip your skin of its natural oils. That’s why we add extra oils (triglycerides a.k.a. fatty acids) back into our recipes to replenish your skin’s natural oil barrier and leave you feeling soft & moisturized. 

For more information about the oils we use (those triglycerides I mentioned above), please read our article “Fatty Acids: A Funny Name for What Makes Our Soap Awesome.”

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