Insect Repellent Soap vs Hard Lotion Bars

I’ve never been a fan of the so called “hard lotion bar​s.” They feel slimy and they get all melty and squishy. 

So when our customers started requesting insect repellent products, we made soaps. It’s what we do. 

The essential oil blend we chose was perfect and we were so happy with the lather, the scent, the look….

It was a total flop. See, soap rinses off. All those fantastic bug repellent oils we used slid right off, too.

We finally broke down and made our first batch of hard lotion bars. We had certain criteria our bar had to meet: 

  • Not overly greasy
  • Not stinky
  • Super mega effective against a variety of insects (or what’s the point?)
  • Long lasting on the skin
  • Long lasting in the jar (meaning it won’t get squooshy and end up being a total waste of our time and our customers’ hard earned money).

After hours upon hours of research and talking to our family physician, we perfected the formula. 

We’ve created a hard lotion bar that doesn’t make you feel slimy, doesn’t get squishy, stays on for a long time and works wonderfully! 

Find out all about the great ingredients we used to make our all natural insect repellent hard lotion bar and just how well it works. 


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