What’s in Lodge Creek Soap Part 3: Sodium Hydroxide 

Of course you don’t want to put lye on your skin. Good grief, neither do I. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), or lye, is an essential ingredient in all true soaps and it’s just not possible to make soap without it. 

Luckily, we, at Lodge Creek, are well educated in the chemistry of soap making. 

here’s some triglycerides chemistry for ya’

Sodium hydroxide + triglycerides = soap. It’s a fairly simple equation and we use it to customize our recipes so that we can create luxury soaps for all different types of skin. The way we do that is by cautiously mixing small amounts of lye in distilled water and then adding that mixture to our plant-based oils and butters and voilà! – we get soap. 

There’s no lye left in the finished product because of a chemical process called saponification

If you’re interested in making your own soap at home, we recommend thoroughly researching sodium hydroxide and learning as much as you possibly can before you try it out. It’s not as scary as it sounds as long as you always use safety precautions. Respect the lye! 


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