How We Make Our Soaps Smell So Damn Good

Have you ever noticed the way that people at farmers markets and craft fairs sniff everything? From candles to fresh produce, its so interesting and a little funny how we all use our sense of smell to inspect things; this holds especially  true for soaps. 

At Lodge Creek Soap Co., we make unscented soaps for our customers who prefer a fragrance-free cleanser, but more often than not, the soaps that smell are the soaps that sell. 

Our latest nose pleaser was titled “Green Smoothie” because that’s exactly what it smells like: fresh green fruits & veggies, clean, sweet, but not too sweet, and sort of healthy. It almost makes you wanna do yoga. 

Sometimes, when we’re designing a soap, we use fragrance and essential oils to match the colors, shapes, textures, or themes of the soap. Other times, we throw planning out the window and just use whatever we have on hand to see what happens. 

During an experiment with some new fragrances like caramel apple, pumpkin and brown sugar, we accidentally whipped up a batch of fall colored glycerin soap. 

It’s always fun to find new fragrances or blend essential oils and try them out. The only thing that ever spoils the fun is when we make cold process soap and the scent totally fades before it’s even done curing. If you’re a soap maker, you know my pain. 

The way that we, at Lodge Creek, make our fragrances stick is simple: kaolin clay! While other clays like bentonite or even Brazilian clay will help, we’ve found that adding a couple of teaspoons of kaolin really absorbs and holds on to those fantastic aromas.  

For customers, this is a bonus because kaolin is all natural and great for fighting body odor, so they get their money’s worth when they buy handmade soaps that leave a lingering scent even after its rinsed off. 

If you make your own soaps or other bath/body products, what ingredients do you use to help those products hang onto sweet smells? 


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